OCPE Facility Application window is now open. Facilities wanting to be added to the Approved Facility List must apply before May 15, 2021. Once approved, facilities do not need to reapply until 2023. All facilities must reapply in May 2023. For questions, contact emberly.hill@gcisd.net

Documents to be submitted include:
A Letter from the facility on company letterhead stating the following:
  • Name, address, phone number of trainer and training facility
  • The purpose of the program
  • Typical weekly schedule for training and competition
  • A description of the type and intensity of the program
  • The levels of competition involved
  • Other relevant information related to the program
  • How the requirements for Fitness Gram will be met.
Documents should be sent to:
    Emberly Hill
    Director of Counseling and General Education Homebound Services
    3051 Ira E Woods
    Grapevine, Texas 76051
Once programs are approved, an updated list will be posted on the GCISD website.

Student Applications for OCPE must be submitted to the campus OCPE coordinator or counselor at minimum of five days prior to the start of the semester.