GCISD Superintendent Objectives - 2021-2022

GCISD Superintendent Objectives - 2021-2022 (pdf)

1. Ensure a successful transition from learning to read to reading to learn through timely personalized literacy experiences and intentional curriculum development while modeling reading and writing for enjoyment and creative expression.

2. Disrupt the barriers that create disparities in mathematics performance with regards to demographic groups, gender, and programs while ensuring all students have multiple pathways to pursue mathematics knowledge and use those skills to solve problems of significant depth and complexity.

3. Align our culture, curriculum, and student experiences to eliminate the equity gap among all college, career, and military readiness measures through rigorous academic pursuits that reflect student interests.

4. Guide, strengthen, and monitor an educational system where school structures and processes are designed to encourage the development of the whole child, in which all members of the learning community experience a sense of belonging, and every student and district employee feels supported, safe and secure.

5. Develop a fiscally-responsible yearly budget that is resilient in the face of outside uncertainty, aligned to our LEAD 2.0 strategic vision, and ensures excellence in those who are leading our classrooms and programs, as well as, provides equity in access to outstanding academic and extracurricular programs for all Grapevine-Colleyville ISD students.