Blended Learning in GCISD

Blended Learning Graphic

GCISD defines blended learning as a model where students learn both on campus in a traditional, collaborative class or small group setting, as well as through online learning. The online learning component allows the student to control the pace, path, and place for learning. These two components of learning are integrated to provide an enriched learning experience.

Blended learning is grounded in five basic pillars that serve as the foundation to implementing the models with fidelity and success.  The Blended Learning team is committing to developing capacity in the strategies within each pillar to strengthen Blended Learning instructional practices in the classroom.

  • Assessment and Data Driven Instruction
  • Personalized Instruction
  • Student Agency and Voice
  • Relationships
  • Rigor

These pillars, combined with intentional instructional models such at Station Rotations, Flipped Classrooms, and Flex instruction result in an enriched learning experience for all students.

The Team

Ashley Harden Ashley Harden, M. Ed.
Blended Learning Specialist
Trelawny Shepherd Trelawny Shepherd, M. Ed.
Blended Learning Specialist