Remote Learning in GCISD

All GCISD students began the school year in a remote learning setting on August 17. All students remained in the remote instructional model until GCISD began offering both in-person and remote instruction on September 8. In preparation, GCISD teachers spent the summer engaged in professional learning opportunities that will equip them to provide quality remote instruction for all GCISD students. For more information on GCISD's remote learning structure, visit the GCISD Spring 2021 Guide and the Remote Learning section of the District's Frequently Asked Questions.

Foundations for Success (Español)- As students and parents prepare for the first day of school (August 17), GCISD has created its Foundations for Success checklists to prepare families for the start of the 2020-2021 school year.

Asynchronous Plan - Due to the disruption caused by the COVID-19 emergency and the consequent exercise of the waiver authority provided to the Commissioner of Education in Texas Education Code, §48.005(n), a local education agency (LEA) is required to submit an asynchronous learning plan for review and approval to the Texas Education Agency (TEA), in order to earn average daily attendance (ADA) funding.

Learning Management Systems

In May, GCISD conducted a survey to gather feedback from Learning@Home experiences during the spring across the District. Some parents provided feedback regarding having to navigate several learning management systems (LMS) for their students' classes and assignments. Based on that feedback, and to provide a more streamlined experience for parents and students in the 2020-2021 school year, GCISD has moved to Seesaw for elementary students and Canvas for secondary students. Learn more about each LMS by expanding the below sections.

Seesaw (PK-5)

The Basics

image of police and students

Seesaw is GCISD's adopted learning management system for Pre-K through 5th grade. It allows students to engage in interactive activities to “show what they know” through the use of photos, videos, drawings, shapes, and text.

Seesaw works on desktop and laptop computers and Chromebooks using a web browser, and on tablets and smartphones using the Seesaw Class app. Learn more about using Seesaw on your at-home learning device.

Getting Started with Seesaw

GCISD has created this Getting Started with Seesaw (Español) resource for families. Within the document, families will find information on how students and family members can access Seesaw, what will be seen by families in Seesaw, links to other Seesaw resources and much more.

GCISD Teachers Say...

Hear directly from GCISD teachers about the features of Seesaw and how they plan to use the platform.


Canvas (6-12)

The Basics

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Canvas is GCISD's adopted learning management system for 6th through 12th grades. It will be used to allow students’ access to a variety of instructional resources and activities. 

Canvas works in multiple internet browsers on desktop and laptop computers, Chromebooks, and on tablets and smartphones. There are also two mobile apps to support Remote Learning: Canvas Student and Canvas Parent. Learn more about Canvas’ mobile apps.

Passport to Canvas

GCISD has created Passport to Canvas, a course that provides an overview of Canvas for students, parents/guardians and teachers. Parents, if you're looking for information about setting up a Parent account, skip to the last module of the course, or click directly to the parent module here.

GCISD Teachers Say...

Hear directly from GCISD teachers about the features of Canvas and how they plan to use the platform.

Remote Learning Sample Schedules

Below are various sample remote learning schedules for GCISD families to reference. Times, exact class schedules, special services and other variables will vary by specific student needs and campus. NOTE: All sample schedules are for remote learning unless otherwise noted.

Elementary School (Español) | Elementary School - In-Person (Español)

Middle School (Español) | Grapevine Middle School (Español)

High School (Español) | Collegiate Academy Underclassmen (Español) | Collegiate Academy Upperclassmen (Español)


As a reminder, per Texas Education Code (TEC) 25.092, students must attend 90 percent of a course in order to be awarded credit for the course and/or to be promoted to the next grade. While we are operating remotely, and for our families who have chosen to stay remote after September 8, there are two ways in which your student may earn a daily attendance credit.

The first way is to attend a live webex with the teacher. Staff will take attendance during these live sessions each day. The second way to receive credit for attendance is to complete a daily exit ticket. We understand that some students may not be able to attend the live learning opportunities and will need some flexibility in their schedule. These students will be able to complete a daily assignment, or exit ticket, each day in order to receive credit for their attendance.

If you have any questions regarding how your student may earn a daily attendance credit, please contact your campus directly.

Technology Resources

GCISD Technology Resources is committed to serving students and staff, especially during the District's remote learning instruction. Please keep in mind these very helpful resources:

  1. ClassLink - GCISD's single sign-on portal for students and staff. ClassLink allows users to sign in once and have access to all of their accounts at the click of a button.
  2. Help Desk - Students and staff can submit help requests to GCISD's Help Desk at any time. NOTE: If you are a parent needing help with your student’s device and your student does not know their login for Classlink, please call 817-251-5629. You will need to leave a message with your name, student's name, grade level, campus and the best phone number to reach you.
  3. Outdoor WiFi Access - As a reminder, wireless network access is available outside of many GCISD campuses for use by students, parents and staff. Click here for locations, maps and instructions on how to connect.