Transfers of employee children must follow Board Policy FDB(LOCAL) as noted below:

Children of district employees who reside in the district shall be assigned according to their attendance zones; however, a district employee may request that his or her child be assigned outside the attendance zone in which he or she resides. Subject to availability of space at the requested grade level, the child shall be assigned to the campus at which the parent is assigned, or to the appropriate campus geographically closest to the parent's work site. All transfers are subject to availability of space. An approved transfer for one child does not guarantee space availability for current or future siblings.

For the purpose of determining the assignment of children of district employees, space shall be considered available when a campus has enrolled less than 90 percent of its enrollment projection for the coming school year.

Once assigned to a campus in accordance with this policy, a child of a district employee shall be permitted to continue enrollment at that campus in subsequent school years. Approved transfers remain in effect until the student completes the grade levels offered at the school unless the transfer is revoked as per Board Policies FDA(LOCAL) and FDB(LOCAL).

Regardless of grade and school, age-cohort preferences, or split feeder enrollments to the next level campus, children of district employees are permitted to request transfers only once per year either to the parent's work site or to the campus geographically closest to the parent's work site.

A. Procedures for requesting a student transfer of a resident employee

  1. Employees are strongly encouraged to submit forms for transfers beginning: March 26, 2018, beginning at 4:00 pm until 4:30 pm on April 20, 2018. If the transfer window is closed, please contact Jenny Haas at X 5944.
  2. Email notifications of placement will be send out as students are placed.  Please keep in mind that some notifications may not be sent out until the week before the school year starts.
  3. Kindergarten transfer notifications will be sent in August, and may be prior to the first day of school, August 20, 2018
  4. If your student is applying for the special programs' lottery and accepted into the program, a transfer request is not needed.

B. Transportation

The parent of the transferred student will provide transportation for the student. Any right to free transportation offered by the District is waived.


C. University Interscholastic League (UIL) Eligibility

∙ Any student who transfers to a school outside of the student's attendance area of residence will be subject to all eligibility rules of the University Interscholastic League (UIL) as well as those that may be adopted by the GCISD Board of Trustees.
∙ It is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to contact the GCISD Executive Director of Athletics for more information.

D. Revocation of transfer

∙ A nonresident transfer student who fails to abide by the rules and policies as contained in the GCISD Student- Parent H a n d b o o k , exhibits poor academic performance, has repeated incidences of tardies, or exhibits poor attendance may have his or her transfer revoked by the campus principal.

E. Campus assignments will be based on capacity determined by the District Transfer Committee for 2018-2019. Select campus in order of preference.

Link will reopen July 23, 2018 at 8:00 a.m. and close July 27, 2018 at 4:30 p.m.
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