2021-2022 Student Transfer Information

2021-2022 Application Window
The general transfer request application window closed on July 23, 2021 at 4 p.m GCISD employees can continue to submit applications by clicking the button below for "GCISD Employee Transfer Request Application".

Click the below buttons for more information regarding transfers. When available, applications for each campus with available capacity will be linked below in the "Start Here" section. For questions or more information, please check our Frequently Asked Questions, or email Student Transfers at gcisd.student.transfers@gcisd.net.

What to KNOW

  • You must upload ALL documents (latest report card, residency verification, 504 or ARD documents, etc.) with your application. You will not be able to submit your application without them.
  • Please complete an application for each student you wish to request to transfer.
  • If you were approved on a transfer and your student is either transitioning from Pre-K to Kinder, elementary to middle, or middle to high, then ALL families, including employees, must apply for a transfer if not requesting a campus you are already zoned for.
  • ALL students new to GCISD (including employee students) must submit the latest report cards with attendance and behavior and state testing scores.
  • Current proof of residency verification is required for all students.
  • All students who completed Pre-K MUST apply for a transfer for the following year IF you would like to attend a different campus than your zoned campus. Placement on a campus for Pre-K does not guarantee placement on the campus for grades K-5.
  • Email notifications of placement will be sent out as students are placed. Please keep in mind that some notifications may not be sent until August but no later than the day prior to the first day of school.
  • Because approvals may not be made until dates closer to the start of school,  please know that requesting a transfer may delay such items as class schedule completion including extracurricular activities.



  • If you are applying for a Personalized Program (STEM, Dual Language or ASPIRE Academy) please do NOT complete a student transfer request form.
  • If you have NOT moved and your student was originally approved on a transfer, you do not need to apply for a transfer again until they transition to either a middle or high school campus.

GCISD Employee Transfer Request Application

  • GCISD employees looking to complete transfer request applications can do so by clicking the Employee Student Transfer page. These pages will require staff to login with their GCISD credentials to continue.

Siblings Only - Transfer Request Application

  • Only for resident siblings who want to attend the campus where another sibling will be attending for 2021-2022 school year. The general transfer request application window has closed.

START HERE  - **Employees, Please Complete the Applications Under the Red Button  Listed Above**

Please complete the application below of the school that is your FIRST CHOICE ONLY for each potential student. It is NOT necessary to complete a separate campus form for your second choice as you will list it on this form. Transfer requests will be approved based on campus space, availability, and eligibility requirements. Employee and sibling requests will be prioritized (more information above). You will need to have ALL documentation (listed in What to KNOW section above) in order to submit this request.

Campuses with available capacity for 2021-2022:
Bear Creek Elementary 
Bransford Elementary 
Colleyville Elementary 
Dove Elementary
Glenhope Elementary
Grapevine Elementary
Heritage Elementary
O.C. Taylor Elementary
Silver Lake Elementary
Timberline Elementary

Colleyville Middle
Heritage Middle

For questions or more information, please email Student Transfers at: gcisd.student.transfers@gcisd.net