Elementary Extended Care Programs

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GCISD's Extended Care program offers before and after school care and a variety of care options that fit any family's needs. At KidzU, children have the convenience of care right in their elementary schools, allowing them to easily participate in school activities such as choir practice, chess club or tutoring. Each site is equipped with toys, games, arts and craft materials, and homework supplies.

Experienced staff members provide students with a variety of planned activities, special projects, and enrichment opportunities. KidzU days of operation will coincide with the GCISD school calendar with care during school holidays being offered at one school location. Registration is now being accepted for KidzU. Early Care begins at 6:30 a.m. and sites close at 6:30 p.m.

Snacks will be provided daily and students have the opportunity to work on their homework. Tuition may be paid at a monthly rate, a daily rate, and a combination of other options. KidzU offers a tuition discount for families with more than one child enrolled. GCISD employees are also eligible for a discount.

KidzU Contact Information
Name of School Site Coordinator(s) Email Address Phone Number
Bear Creek Taressa Thompson taressa.thompson@gcisd.net 817-251-5620, ext 2471
Bransford Tanya Medina tanya.medina@gcisd.net 817-251-5620, ext 2560
Cannon Morgan Young morgan.young@gcisd.net 817-251-5620, ext 3465
Colleyville Brianna Conte brianna.conte@gcisd.net 817-251-5620, ext 2660
Dove Michelle McNeely carolyn.mcneely@gcisd.net
817-251-5620, ext 3570
Glenhope Karen Miesen karen.miesen@gcisd.net
817-251-5620, ext 3765
Grapevine Sarah Wiseman sarah.wiseman@gcisd.net 817-251-5620, ext 3660
Heritage Kim Kittle kim.kittle@gcisd.net 817-251-5620, ext 2701
O.C. Taylor Alysa Kirby alysa.kirby@gcisd.net 817-251-5620, ext 2861
Silver Lake Nicole Nahoolewa nicole.nahoolewa@gcisd.net 817-251-5620, ext 3850
Timberline Sandhya Mankame sandhya.mankame@gcisd.net 817-251-5620, ext 3981
Site Coordinators are available to answer questions or discuss matters regarding your child between 1:00 p.m.-2:45 p.m. on school days.