Sophomore Planning Calendar 

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  • Establish your own personal e-mail account if you do not have one already
  • Record/update your list of abilities, personal qualities and accomplishments for your resume 
    • name of group or organization
    • a description of your activities
    • how many hours a week/month/year you are involved
    • dates when you were active in the organization
    • any offices you have held
    • any awards you have received

Ambassador Program:

  • Continue participation with volunteer opportunities. 


  • Register with the College Board at
  • Explore the difference between the SAT and ACT in preparation for taking the tests
  • Consider options for assistance with the college entrance exams - ACT/SAT

Begin Researching Colleges:

  • If you have older siblings who are going on college visits, consider joining them. (note:  only Juniors and Seniors get excused college visit absences)
  • Attend the GCISD College Fair every year
  • Take virtual tours of colleges
  • Consider Pre-College Summer Programs at the schools you are interested in 
    • For more information about Pre-College Summer Programs, please visit the Go Center

Get Involved!