Did you spill mercury or break a thermometer or mercury-containing lightbulb? Here are the steps the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recommends to cleanup both large and small spills.

Compact Florescent LightbulbsMercury

Energy efficient Compact Florescent Lightbulbs (CFL) do contain minute amounts of mercury. Texas; however,does not require CFLs to be recycled, or treated, as hazardous waste in most instances. For more information, please visit the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality website.

CFL Disposal- 2 Options


Check with your local hardware store. Home Depot, for instance, offers free CFL recycling as part of their Eco-Options program.  Simply take your lightbulbs in a sealed plastic bag and place them in the recycling container. How much easier can it be to be green?

Regular waste

Place waste bulbs and/or debris in a sealed plastic bag before placing in the trash.