Technology Education & Career Center

Secondary Schools

Grapevine High School
Bemenderfer, Heather - Agricultural Sciences
Brejcha (Keifer), Kaley - Business
Burkhart, Kathryn - Hospitality and Tourism/Family Consumer Sciences
Dearmond, Robyn - Business/Finance
Harris, Courtenay - Audio Video/Graphics
Hoard, Debbie - Health Science Technology
Horning, Jessica - Computer Sciences/Information Technology
Kuykendall, David Alex - Engineering/Robotics
Martin, Janet - Health Science Technology
Mata, Art - Computer Maintenance/Tech
McGrew, Taylor - Agricultural Sciences
Mordhorst, Kristi - Health Science Technology
Obuch (Piganelli), Kayla- Agricultural Sciences
Poteet, Doug - Automotive/Collision
Province, Carolyn - Marketing/Entrepreneurship
Scarborough, Amber- Hospitality and Tourism
Scott, Ian - Health Science Technology
Slatton, Shon - Engineering
Wiethorn, Clark - Law, Public Safety, Corrections, and Security

Colleyville Heritage High School
Adams, Courtney - Family Consumer Science
Britton, Dale - Computer Science
Cooper, Chris - Video Game Design/Audio Video
Cooper, Stacie - Family Consumer Science
Ferris, Leslie - Digital Media
Giamanco, Tiffany - Business/Digital Media
Gober, Gyna - Business/Finance
Huston, Dave - Professional Communication
Kitzmiller, Terri - Professional Communication
Neal, Stephanie - Marketing/Entrepreneurship
Ponder, Lindsay - Business

Nash, Jonathan - CTE Business Entrepreneurship
McCrary, Karen - CTE FCS
Ewing, Brenda - CTE Business

Middle Schools

Colleyville Middle School
Dulaney, Morgan - FCS, Careers
Miller, Max - Tech Ed/Engineering
Schmidt, Kelsey - Business/Touch Systems

Cross Timbers Middle School
Dunn, Nate - Tech Ed/Engineering
Guess, James - Business/Touch Systems
Roberts, Kim - FCS, Careers/AV

Grapevine Middle School
Hall, Keanan - Tech Ed/Engineering
                    - Business/Touch Systems/AV
Lanier, Chelsea - Careers, FCS

Heritage Middle School
Kim, Daniel - Tech Ed/Engineering
Hutcherson, Ron - FCS/Business